After you obtain the source, open in your text editor. You’ll need to set the variables for the location of sendmail (unless you have the libnet module or MailTools module installed), the location of your logfile and your local domain if you wish to restrict use of cgi-mailer to those within your organisation. You may need to change the invocation line (the first line in the file) to reflect the location of perl on your system.

Once you’ve set the configuration variables, copy into your cgi-bin (or similar) directory. Make sure the permissions are set to read and execute (chmod a+rx You should be ready to go. There is a sample HTML form in the test directory of the distribution that you can use to check that everything is working. Be sure to put your email address in the appropriate place in the form before using it.

Note: If you are using Windows 95 or NT, Apply the instructions above to the file cgi-mailer.bat in the Win32 subdirectory of the distribution.

You should make a local copy of user-doc.html from the distribution, and change all instances of your-local-host to the hostname where you have installed (and remove the tags). You can then give your users the URL of the local copy of the user documentation.

Please report any bugs, suggestions or corrections to

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